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Before You Come to Class......

* PLEASE NOTE: There are yoga postures that should not be practiced in certain conditions. If you have a chronic condition or injury or you are pre /post-natal - you may require at least one private class, to understand the modifications required to suit your situation so you can practice safely.

Then you & I, can bring these modifications into a general class.

Iyengar yoga is for everybody- all you need is an open mind &

a sense of adventure. Contact Maree to discuss your options

How to Prepare?

  • yoga is practiced on an empty stomach At least 3 hours after a full & 1 hour after a light meal

  • arrive 15 minutes + early ( if you can!) to fill out your enrolment form, set up & get into the mode


What to Wear?

  • comfortable active wear eg. tights or shorts with a tee or tank

  • yoga is practiced in clean bare feet. In cooler weather bring your socks for the relaxation


What to Bring?​

  •  clean towel or cover for the eyes, during the relaxation. 

  •  your water bottle

  • your own props if you have them eg. a mat, a belt, blocks x2


On Arrival?​

  • please switch your phone off or on silent

  • it is best not to drink water during class unless absolutely necessary - so have a drink now

  • Women, please notify your teacher if you are in your menstrual cycle or experiencing menopause symptoms that are bothersome.

In Iyengar yoga, women are encouraged to honour these natural cycles of life. Your teacher has been trained to adjust your practice accordingly.

Please note there are yoga postures that should not be practiced in particular stages of these cycles


And if you have any questions or forgot something, just ask your teacher. Its a pretty relaxed atmosphere🤸‍♂️😴 🙏Maree

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